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Obama Is A Total Failure

[WZ] Obama Stands Up For Iran’s Green Revolution . . . 894 Days Later

[WZ] Footage Shows WMD Stockpiles Uncovered In Libya, Defense Minister Assures Us They Are In The “Safe Hands” of Islamist Rebels

[GWP] More Drone Drama…Afghanistan’s Complicity

[GWP] Sarah Palin: “Barack Obama Is a Phony & America… Is Not Going to Put Up With That” (Video)

[GWP] Obama Attacks Reagonomics: Republican Economic Theory “Doesn’t Work”

Not Shocked
Socialist: Obama comes out of the closet once and for all

[GWP] Horrible!… Obama Flat Out Lies About GOP Vote Last Week (Video)

[GWP] Obama Pushed Early Elections In Egypt Knowing That It Would Likely Lead to Islamist Victory

Wow. Idiot.
[Ace] Obama's New Villain on Job Losses: The Internet

[WZ] Obama Backs Ambassador After Comments Blaming Muslim Anti-Semitism on Israel

2012 baby!
[JWF] Exhausted From Grueling Fundraising Trips, POTUS to Vacation for 17 Days

[Big G] Government Policy, Not Laziness, Responsible for Scaring Away Foreign Investors

So the unemployment rate is really 20%ish?
[VS] Unemployment Drops to 8.6%, 300k People Give Up Looking

Obama's gotta prove Dingy Harry correct
Biden on Iraq War: “We’re Not Claiming Victory” . . . “We’re Ending a War We Didn’t Start”

If he can bold face lie about this, he will lie about anything
[GWP] Barack Obama to Jewish Donors: “I Try Not to Pat Myself on the Back” But I’ve Done More For Israel Security Than Any Other President

To finish destroying the country? Fat chance
[GWP] Barack Obama to Donors: “I’m Going to Need Another Term to Finish the Job”

My kids will succeed, even if Obama perminately f*cks up the USA
[GWP] Barack Obama: My Kids Will Succeed… Even if USA Doesn’t

[Ace] Obama Lost Egypt?



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