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Congess Insider Trading

By Rick Perry
[Big G] Time to Get Serious About Insider Trading in Washington

[BBTV] Insider Trading Witness: Studies Show Disturbing Pattern Within Congress

[BBTV] Schweizer: Key Steps To Ending Congressional Insider Trading

[Big G] New York Times: Time to Ban Profit-taking Inside Congress

I'll believe it when I see it
[BBTV] SEC: We Can Prosecute Congressmen For Insider Trading

[Big G] Is the STOCK Act a Toothless Paper Tiger?

[Big G] Throw Them All Out on O’Reilly: Unusual Monday Features Author Schweizer with Steve Kroft of CBS

Not shocked
Shock: Taxpayers Bailed Out Congress' Private Investments

[Big G] Constituents Protest Bachus’s Insider Trading: ‘Whether Congress Wants to Admit It Is Illegal or Not, It Is Wrong’

[PJTV/Trifecta] The Good, The Bad & The Crooked: Is Congressional Insider Trading Just Honest Graft?

[BBTV] Schweizer: Jim Moran (D-VA) Made 90 Trades One Day After Private Congressional Economics Meeting

[BBTV] Schweizer: Pelosi Made ‘A Couple Hundred Thousand Dollars’ Days After Purchasing VISA Stock

They're exempt only because they wrote the law exempting themseles
[Big G] No, it Is Not ‘Legal’ for Congress to Trade on Insider Information

The hits keep on coming
[Ace] Lucky Ducky: Dianne Feinstein Bought $1 Million of "Green" Company IPO, Just Before Obama's DoE Gave It A $24 Million Grant

Throw the bums out!
Busted: Congress stealin' and theivin'
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