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Lawless & Arbitrary

[WZ] Records Show At Least Five ACORN Associates Visited White House This Year

[JWF] Corzine: Um, I Don’t Know Where That $1.2 Billion Is

A good round-up
[Malkin] Capitol Hill hearing/vote watch: Holder, Corzine, Cordray

[WZ] Obama DOJ Sends Letter To Every Law Enforcement Agency In Alabama Warning Them Not To Enforce Immigration Law Or Lose Federal Funding

[GWP] Obama Pal Blagojevich Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison (Video)

[Big G] Obama Administration Violating ACORN Funding Ban According to New Audit

[WZ] Obama DOE Awards $230,000 In Taxpayer-Funds For Website To Promote “Green Jobs” – Forbids Listing of Actual Jobs

Another renewable energy loan recipient hires lobbyists, has fundraising ties to Obama

[Ace] LightSquared, The FCC and Law Firm That Represented Solyndra

[MM] Obama’s cloud-based transparency

[Big G] Treasury Secretary Paulson Tipped Off Hedge Fund Manages About Looming Collapse of Fannie, Freddie

What an A$$
Having Solved America’s Deficit Nightmare, Obama Says U.S. “Stands Ready To Do Our Part” For Eurozone Debt Crisis

[WZ] Michigan-Based Company Announces Plans To Layoff 5% of Its Workforce To Offset Cost of Obamacare

[GWP] Must See Video— Terrorist Bill Ayers Brags About Hosting Obama Fundraiser

[Ace] Billy Tauzin, Pharma's $11.6 Million Dollar Man

[Malkin] MF Global Trustee: Company Shortfall Could Be Double Original Estimate

[Big G] Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s ‘Green’ Company Scored $1.4 Billion Taxpayer Bailout

[Malkin] Obama’s Half-Billion-Dollar Crony Drug Deal; Related non-shocker: SEIU endorses Obama

Soooooo Busted
[Ace] Solyndra Emails Show The Administration Pushed Them To Keep Layoffs Quiet Until After 2010 Elections

Land of the Left
[Ace] Liberal Super-Hero and Friend of Obama Was Consulted As Architect of TARP Plan, Then Profited Based On His Insider Knowledge

So many crimes, so little time
Emails: Emanuel suggested White House involvement in Solyndra
update: [Ace]

[Big G] Abramoff: Members of Congress Took Part in Insider Trading

Shocker: Criminals Lie
[Hot Air] Did DoE mislead investors, Congress on Solyndra?

[Malkin] Solyndra Subpoena Deadline Comes and Goes; Update: White House Agrees to Turn Over ‘Some’ Documents

Where did the DOE get all this money in the first place?
[PJ Media] Another DOE Loan Scandal: Are We Bailing Out Spain’s Solar Collapse?

It's like an old fashioned crime spree with Obama
Emails show Obama donor discussed Solyndra with WH

In for a penny...
[Malkin] The Great Stonewall of Obama; Update: Solyndra e-mail contradicts White House on donor contact

Libs must destroy America to 'fix' America
Trifecta: Land of the Lawless: Lindsay Lohan and Occupy Wall Street Are Breaking the Law and Loving It



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