Dug in for Liberty!


Zombie Apocalypse

[WZ] Portland Occupiers Block Trucks Bringing Holiday Food To Needy Families

[VS] Video: Occupiers Seizing Forclosed Homes

[VS] Video: Obama Swings Left, Signals Occupy Movement: I’m With You

[VS] Occupiers Invade Rep. Joe Walsh’s Office, Leave Vomit

[Big G] Communists Work on a New Improved, Pro-Obama ‘Occupy’ Movement

[Big G] OccupyAustin Expected to Cost Taxpayers Over $1,000,000

[WZ] Video: Occupiers Plan To Disrupt Iowa Caucuses, “We Will Flood Republican Candidates Events And Heckle Them”

Will we be bailing them out someday?
[JWF] Occupy SF to Open Their Own Credit Union

[Big J] Dead Movement Walking: Top Ten New Media Moments That Brought Down #OccupyWallStreet

[WZ] Former Obama Czar Van Jones Calls On Occupiers To Block Major Ports
Union Tricks? [Big G]

[GWP] Police Arrest #Occupy Oakland Killer

[Big G] Activist Boasts of Communist Leadership in Occupy Movement – Links to Re-election of Obama

[WZ] LA Occupiers Left Behind a Staggering 30 Tons of Debris

Boston sucks more than usual
[WZ] Boston Police Say Occupier Crime Is “Out of Control,” Offenses Include Drugs, Violence And Prostitution

[JWF] “Obama is a Corporate Puppet”

[GWP] Occupy Movement Is Dead As a Skunk… 5 Protesters Left in Chicago, 3 in Indy, 10 in NYC

Collecting bags full of poop?
Smithsonian museum collects Occupy Wall Street memorabilia

Freedom is sooo overrated :/
OWS Website Releases Official Goal: "Stomp out Capitalism"

It's the same pattern every time. Shout "non-violence" while committing violence
[GWP] Stunner… #Occupy Monterey Goon Talks About Peace Then Cracks Journalist in the Head (Video)

Nuke from orbit?
[GWP] LA Police Forced to Wear HAZMAT Suits to Clean Up Filth at #Occupy LA Camp

[GWP] Your ‘Feel Good’ Video of the Day: #Occupy Goons Tased & Dragged From WA Capitol Building

It's cuz they love us
[MM] Video: Occupy Dayton rages at Wal-Mart and Target customers

Audio: Adam Carolla explains the OWS Generation

[PJTV/Hicks] Get a Job, Occupy! Why Tear Gas, Not Pepper Spray, Is Better for the Occupy Movement

[Big J] Occupy’s Phase II: Changing the Subject to Salvage the Scheme

[JWF] Up Twinkles: 24-Hour Drum Circle Planned for Outside Bloomberg’s House

[JWF] Wonderful: London “Occupy” Mob Now Defecating Inside St. Paul’s Cathedral

[Verum Serum] OWS Truck Driver Arrested, Locks, Chains and a .45 Handgun Found in His Truck

Best Synopsis
[Verum Serum] What Happened at Occupy UC Davis

[Verum Serum] Kids as Political Props at Occupy Oakland

[TheDC] The Occupy movement and the press: an ongoing Altamont

[Verum Serum] Honeymoon Over: New Poll Shows OWS Far Less Popular Than Tea Party

[GWP] GROSS!… 200 POUNDS OF POOP Found Near #Occupy Santa Cruz Squatters Camp – Hazmat Called

Glad Obama nationalized student loans?
[Ace] Occupy Focuses Like a Laser On The Most Important Issue Facing America: College Debt

[Jawa] Updated Tea Party Versus #Occupy Checklist

Animal Farm
[Malkin] ‘Occupy $700 a Night Hotel’

The party of the mob
[JWS] Democrats Suddenly Realize Their OWS Mob is a Liability

I like how they chant "Peaceful" while attacking police
[Weasel Zippers] Occupy Portland Protesters Arrested With Explosive Devices, Gas Masks

[Weasel Zippers] Occupy Portland Man Places Small Child Between Himself And Police

[Weasel Zippers] Occupy DC: Protesters Try To Explain Away Sexual Assaults, “Rape Happens”

OWS: "We do it for you"
[Verum Serum] Just Like the Tea Party: A List of Occupy Mayhem Sorted by Type

It's like that
[Gateway Pundit] Occupy San Diego Loons Hold Moment of Silence for White House Shooter (Video)

They believe whatever they want anyway
[Jawa] #Occupy Poster Boy Assaulted Police

I ♥ NY
[Jawa] #OccupyWallStreet Protesters Terrorize Young Children Walking To School

[JWF] Why Did Bloomberg Finally Act? Comparisons to Dinkins, of Course

Supposedly, NYC burns to the ground Thursday
OWS: "In a Few Days You’re Going to See What a Molotov Cocktail Can Do to Macy’s"

[Hot Air] Awww: Protests featuring rape-free zones somehow less popular than the Tea Party

[Verum Serum] In 24 Hours at Occupy SF a Dozen Assaults

Hearts and Minds
[Gateway Pundit] Unions Plan Pro-Obama “Bridge Action Day” – Will Shut Down Bridges & Harass US Workers on Thursday

[Gateway Pundit] Occupy LA Protester Arrested For Masturbating in Front of Children

[Gateway Pundit] Eeww… Gross! Ringworm Outbreak at Occupy Santa Cruz (Video)

[JWF] Protesters Planning to Shut Down Wall Street With a ‘Street Carnival’ Thursday

You go ahead and do that
[Weasel Zippers] Michael Moore Shrieks After Occupy Wall Street Camp Cleaned Out

[Weasel Zippers] AFL-CIO Chief Richard Trumka Outraged Cities Shutting Down Crime-Ridden Disease Infested Occupier Camps

[Gateway Pundit] Gross. Obama-Endorsed Occupy Seattle Protester Takes Crap on Sidewalk (Video)

They'll be back with OccupyElectionPollSites
[Verum Serum] OWS Creator Kalle Lasn Calls for Tactical Retreat, Admits the Right is Owning the Narrative

[Verum Serum] OWS Had Sympathetic Judge on Speed Dial, She Even Made a House Call at 6AM

[via Jawa] Occupy Wall Street?? 99%?? Ummm.

An old-fashioned Zuccotti roundup
[Malkin] Live from New York…It’s Operation Monday Night Un-Occupy Zuccotti Park; at least 25 reported arrests; “They’re throwing and breaking everything!”; dump trucks and tear gas rumors; the “People’s Kitchen” is closed; they’ll be back

[Gateway P] Police Officer Injured After #Occupy Portland Mob Hurls Projectiles At Cops (Video)
Grenades? [Gateway Pundit]

[Jawa] #OccupyPortland: "Don't Report Rapes To Police; Instead, Report It To One Of The Really, Really Rad Pink Armband Non-Gender Guys"

The peacefulness is overwhelming :/
[Jawa] 'Mostly Peaceful' #OccupySanFrancisco Protesters Slash Police Officers With Razors

Good compilation of all the videos
[BBTV] #OccupyDenver Crashes Conservative Blogger Conference; Bloggers Chant ‘Breitbart’ As Security Moves In

This is gonna be a mess. Portland occupy is the most violent.
[JWF] “You Can’t Reason With People Who Are Illogical, Whether They’re Drunk or High or Whatever”

[BBTV] Bill Whittle To #OccupyWallStreet: Grow Up

Latest on the collapse of Oakland
[Big G] EXCLUSIVE VIDEO–BREAKING: Shooting–UPDATE: Fatal–at #OccupyOakland Over ‘A Bag of Weed’; Second Fatal Occupy Shooting; Mayor Faces No-Confidence Vote
update: [Gateway Pundit]

Lowest common denominator
[via Ace] Occupier Devolution

Zuccotti lung
[Ace] God Totally Endorses Occupy Movement

I'm thinking cholera or leprosy
[Big G] How The #Occupy Movement Will End

The bill's a lot higher than that
[Big G] Mayor Bills #OccupyPortland for Vandalism

[Gateway P] Occupy Portland Protester Arrested for Molotov Cocktail Attack on Portland World Trade Center

No greater hive of...
[Gateway P] Confirmed. The Odds of You Surviving a Tour in Iraq Is Greater Than Your Odds of Surviving a Night in Pup Tent at an Occupy Protest

It's their public sidewalk. No trespassing!

Yes and yes.
[Verum Serum] Is Everyone at Occupy Portland Batshit Crazy?

[Verum Serum] O’Reilly vs. OWS: He Pretty Much Nails It

Give an inch...
[Jawa] #OccupyTerrorists - "You Don't Know the Half Of It"

They bombed the World Trade Center (of Portland)
[Jawa] #OccupyPortland Protesters Show Solidarity With Islamic Terrorists

Hilarious! "Alright. Who made a poopy?"
[BBTV] Reporter To #OccupyEureka: ‘Who Pooped In The Bank?’

Common threads
[Whittle's DE] SCRIBING: Is Occupy Wall Street Anti-Semitic?

[Big J] *Updated* #OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far

?? Seems Legit
[Big G] Local Police Investigate Employee for Off-Duty, Private Criticism of #OccupyAsheville

See the full video also
[Gateway P] 78 Year-Old Conservative Woman Talks About Occupy DC Goons Pushing Her Down Stairs (Video)
video: [Gateway Pundit]

Power to the people
[JammieWF] The Damage From Occupy Oakland: ‘People Are Afraid to Come Downtown’

Is lice in that list?
[Jawa] Tea Party Versus #Occupy Checklist (Improved!)

Most telling video so far
[Jawa] #OccupyOakland Cheers "Outside Agitators"

Let fleedom ring!
[JWF] Fun Times and Merriment at Occupy LA

[Weasel Zippers] OWS Leader Michael Moore Rails Against Capitalism At Occupy Denver Protest . . . Then Pimps His New Book At Nearby Bookstore
sad clown: [Weasel Zippers]

Limousine kids make up the other 99%
[Jawa] The 1% Of #OccupyWallStreet

Left exposed
[Big G] ACORN Scrambling after #Occupy Organizing Exposed

OWS, The new crime capitol of the world
[Big G] Unhappy Campers at #OccupyWallStreet: ‘I’m Leaving Today, Because This Is No Longer Safe’

It was a free speech push
[Weasel Zippers] Occupy Portland Protester Pushes Police Officer In Front Of Moving Bus

Your daily riot round-up
[Verum Serum] Overnight Coverage of Riots in Oakland

Go figure.
[Gateway] After Rapes, Drugs, Violence and Death… Voters Surprisingly View Occupy Movement Negatively

He's a stand up kinda rapest
[JWF] Zuccotti Park Rapist: 'He Was a Genuinely Nice Guy...He Came To Get Sh-t Done'

Boycott? Oh yeah. Big time!
[Hot Air] Mens Wearhouse: Corporate lackeys of the Occupy Movement? Update: Appeasement works as good as you might think

Meh. It's lib on lib.
[Ace] The Next, Inevitable Step in the Occupation Movement

Truth is a pesky adversary (note above: He's texting on his phone)
[Gateway] Confirmed: Scott Olsen’s Injuries Were NOT Caused By Sheriff’s Deputies

Inner Party: '2+2=5 citizen'
[Jawa] Video, Or It Didn't Happen

Just like those "Shame On..." paid protestors
[Big G] Video: ACORN Front Group Pays Homeless People ‘$10 a Hour, $100 a Day’ to Protest at Occupy Wall Street

Princes of socialism
[DC] NYC arrest records: Many Occupy Wall Street protesters live in luxury

Don't want work. Do want daddy gov 'allowance'
[VS] Video: Job Fair at Occupy DC Goes About as Well as Can be Expected

You forgot filthy enough to bring back cholera
[Jawa] Tea Party Versus #Occupy Checklist

Exaggerate much?
[Gateway] Oh Brother… Media Reported Leftist Hero Scott Olsen Was “Unresponsive” After He Was Injured… Except When He Was Texting Friends

He's their spokesman! LOL
OWS spokesclown Michael Moore: We will replace “evil” capitalism with some other system we haven’t thought of yet

Sign me up!
[WZ] Occupy Wall Street Leads To Layoffs Among The 99%, Twenty-One Restaurant Workers Lose Their Jobs After Protests Kill Business

Hide your women
[Big G] Rape, Gropes, and Assaults, Oh My: Mayor Bloomberg, Shut Down Zuccotti Park!
It gets worse: [Big G1] [Big G2] [Verum Serum]

What an idiot
[GP] FAIL – John Boenher: I Understand Occupy Wall Street Frustrations

Casualties of the 0.99%
[JWF] Selfish Occupy LA Clowns Ruin Farmer's Markets

The 0.99%
[Zombie] The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers
related: [Big J]

They forgot the 'rapes' stat
KGW Airs Graphic Counting ‘Stinky People’ and ‘Angry People’ at Occupy Portland

That's how the Tea Party would probably handle it also
[via Jawa] OUTRAGE! Rapes at #OccupyWallstreet Go Unreported “Handled Internally”

Ix'nay on the iot-starting'ray
[GP] #Occupy Oakland Protester Admits Leftist Mob Pelted Police With Bottles & Rocks Before Cops Responded (Video)

Let global warming save them
Occupy Wall Street protesters stripped of their power, literally, by fire department and NYPD

The idealists have left the building
[GP] Portland Police: Buckets of Excrement Scattered Around #OccupyPortland Camp, Officers Attacked, Stinky People

This is your mascot?
[VS] Iraq War Veteran Injured at OWS Oakland Founder of
[VS] Video: Occupy…the Hamptons?

This on top of the whole Nazi thing
[Hot Air] Flier at Occupy Phoenix asks, “When should you shoot a cop?”

Commies gonna commie
[BBTV] Breitbart: Massive Cover-up Of Origins Of #Occupy Movement

Who are these people?
[Big G] #OccupyNH: Activist Charged With Pimping Out Teen Girl

"Arizona Nazis. I hate Arizona Nazis."
[GP] Unreal… Neo-Nazis Patrol “Occupy Phoenix” With AR-15?s – Media Silent (Video)

Good article on motives
[VS] Meet the Wizard Behind the Curtain of Occupy Wall Street

It's Oakland. Let it burn.
[Hot Air] Oakland reoccupied?

The riot report
[Malkin] Live from New York…it’s progs gone wild!; Occupiers’ Fright Night; Occupy Chicago leaders under FBI terror watch; Crackdown in San Francisco; Oakland occupiers declare “general strike”

The lost generation was bred to be pawns
[Big G] EXCLUSIVE: Email from Lisa Fithian to #OccupyWallStreet Confirms ACORN Role in Occupy’s Next Assault on Banks

[DC] Michael Moore won’t admit he is part of ‘the 1 percent’

ACORN is like a weed
[PJ Tatler] Report: ACORN is Behind the #Occupy Movement

#OccupyOakland riot roundup
[VS] Amazing Videos Show Oakland Street Battle Between Protesters, Police
more: [Weasel Zippers]

Rape and rats does not a revolution make
[Ace] OWS: Now With 33% More Sexual Assault
related: [Jawa] [Verum Serum]

OWS people are more like pets than people
[VS] Who Are the 1 Percent? Not Who OWS Thinks They Are

Imperial level of hypocrisy
[WZ] Obama’s New Senior Campaign Adviser a Longtime Wall Street Lobbyist

A must hear
Breitbart lays it all out on #OccupyWallStreet

Then he sold out
[Big G] Barack Obama Led #OccupyChicago – Circa 1988

America haters gonna hate
[Jawa] #OccupySanDiego Protesters Use American Flag As Dog Pull Toy

Students 'pay' for his
[Big G] Alleged NYU Prof Encourages #OWS Protesters to Bring Down Capitalism

[VS] Video: Occupy Wall Street Socialists Pwned by Russian Ex-Pat
update: [Verum Serum]

He's not buying it
Former President of Poland Won’t Attend #OccupyWallStreet After Citizen Journalists Expose Its Radical Roots

More rape per capita than ancient Mongolia
#OccupyBaltimore Discourages Sexual Assault Victims From Contacting Police, Offers Counseling for Perpetrators

Occupy to church: Haha, suckers!
St Paul's Cathedral announces closure due to 'Occupy' protesters

Four legs good! Two legs baaaad!
[Jawa] All Occupiers Are Equal — But Some Occupiers Are More Equal Than Others

In America, mob uprisings are put down. That's the law. Do your jobs.
[VS] New Videos Highlight the Dilemma Faced by Police in Dealing with OWS Protests
related flashback: [Poulos]

These union infiltrators have got to be pissing off the original organizers
[BBTV] Breitbart: #OccupyWallStreet Imitating SEIU and ACORN

Leper colony
[Trifecta] Occupy Wall Street's Agenda: Hurt a Horse and Poop on a Cop Car?

Shhh! ixnay on the aperay
[Ace] Occupy Baltimore: We Agree With Joe Biden!

Daily jackass patrol
[Jawa] #OccupyOakland (Hella Occupy Oakland): Pants on the Ground & the Weed Fairy
more: [Jawa]

[BBTV] Stossel Visits #OccupyWallStreet

Stay classy, Oakland
[BBTV] Abusive #OccupyOakland Protesters Ban Media From Tent City

From joke to tragety
[Big G] #OccupyBaltimore Discourages Sexual Assault Victims From Contacting Police, Offers Counseling for Perpetrators
more: [Verum Serum]

Fine with me
[Ace] Obama ♥ OWS: "We are on their side"

[Ace] Hilarious: Private-Property-Seizure-Enthusiasts Find Out It Kind of Sucks Having One's Private Property Seized

Howard Stern looks for answers from OWS

Yep, they're Commie-Nazis
Great news: OWS now endorsed by both Communist and Nazi Parties

Put a fork in it
[Ace] OWS Is Almost Entirely Socialist/Marxist
related: [BBTV]

The lost generation
[Jawa] #OccupyWallStreet Desecrates American Flag, Along With All Reasoning & Common Decency

The Mao 'vote'
China: Occupy Wall Street's issues worth thought

Oh ya. They hate corporations too.
[Jawa] Yes, really organizing OWS

Flawless Victory
[Ace] How Can You Not Love This?

[Big G] ‘Crowdsource’ This: Emails Expose #OccupyWallStreet Conspiracy to ‘Destabalize’ Global Markets, Governments
more: [Big G]

If the shoe fits...
[Coulter] Wingless, Bloodsucking And Parasitic: Meet The Flea Party!

Man up
[Whittle] Three and a Half Days

Hitler Discovers #OccupyWallStreet Is A Laughingstock

Hearts of darkness
[BBTV] Maddow, Maher Advise #Occupy Protesters To Threaten Violence

Burnout patrol
[Ace] Occupy LA Speaker: "Ultimately the Bourgeoisie Will Not Go Without Violence. Long live revolution! Long Live Socialism!"

Capitalists never die! We just multiply!
O'Keefe: Deep cover assignment at OWS

Disturbing parallels to 'national socialists'
[Jawa] You Can Lead An #OccupyWallStreet, But You Can't Make Them Think
related: [Jawa]

[Malkin] Diane Sawyer: Occupy Wall Street Protests Have 'Spread to More Than a Thousand Countries'

Living the lie
Shock: Celeb socialists are just undercover capitalists

Call out the waaambulance!
#OccupyWallStreet Video Lies

This is what always happens
[Infowars] Occupy Wall Street: Who Wants to Hijack the Movement?

"It's a trap"
[HTWW] Occupy Wall Street
related: [BBTV]

Living the lie
Independent reporting of #OccupyWallStreet

Bongfest of the vanities
[Coulter] This is what a mob looks like
related: [Ace]

Buyer beware
Occupation: From Wall Street to the university
related: [BBTV] [Infowars]

Bailoutee vs Bailoutee
Big Labor Gets Behind the Occupy Wall Street Campers

Full of win!
Occupy Wall Street: A Manifesto
related: [Gateway]

Kumbaya, komrade
Proposed List Of Demands For Occupy Wall St Movement!

Fecalist generation
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Totalitarian Government, Re-Election Of Obama

Fox News' Jesse Watters Uncovers The Brains Behind The Wall St Protests

Good luck with that
Van Jones Warns Of A Progressive "October Offensive" Against Tea Party



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