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Global Warming Nonsense

[WZ] Report: Obama Regime Helping UK Prosecute Leaker of Climategate Emails

[GWP] Checkmate… GOP to Add Keystone Pipeline to Payroll Tax Cut Extension

[WZ] Far-Left Dem Sen. Barbara Boxer: “I Have a Message For Climate Change Deniers: You Are Endangering Humankind”

Nonsense you can believe in! :/
[via Ace] New clues about what caused the collapse of Mayan civilization

[Ace] Priorities: Your Department of Homeland Security Now Fighting For Environmental Justice

Dangerous Levels Of Absurdity
Navy’s Big Biofuel Bet: 450,000 Gallons at 4 Times the Price of Oil

Report: Obama, UN to tax US for Green Climate Fund

The contextual collection of ClimateGate 2.0 quotes

[Ace] CNN: Solar Prices Collapsing, Bankruptcies To Follow

Frequent updates here
[WUWT] Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!

hottest scam in history
Climategate 2.0

[Weasel Zippers] UN Panel Warns People They Will Die From “Man-Made” Global Warming

Winning :/
[Ace] President Clocking Persistent 9% Unemployment Rate Kills Another 200,000 Jobs

[Gateway P] Harper Tells Obama Canada Will Sell Oil to Asia Since His Administration Delayed Pipeline (Obama Loses Another 1 Million US Jobs)

Breaking a few eggs
[via Ace] By the numbers: Obama jobs destruction plan to accelerate in 2012

[Gateway] New Ad Exposes Barack Obama’s Troubling Ties to Failed Solar Giant Solyndra (Video)

Second Energy Department-backed company goes bankrupt
coverage: [Malkin]

[Ace] Global Warming Science Is Settled, As Long As You Overlook Some Of The Science

Green Murder
[Big G] New Video Exposes Greenpeace’s Environmental Extremism

Another day, another crime
[Malkin] Fisker Flight: Auto Start-Up Given $529 Million Loan Courtesy of US Taxpayers Heads for the Finnish Line
more: [Ace] [News Busters]

Climate scientist is totally not a religion or anything
[PJ Tatler] Watch Out for Science Reporting

Another day, another scam
[Ace] Energy Department Altering On-Line Press Releases About "Green" Energy Loans

So busted
[Ace] White House Refuses To Turn Over Solydra Documents

Know the system
Solyndra funder Kaiser paid zero taxes for years

[Malkin] Scandal Watch: LightSquared partner ($267 million fed loan recipient) goes under; stonewalling at NTIA

[BBTV] Crony Capitalism: A Concise History of Obama's Solyndra Scandal

Obama Gives $737 Million Dollar Loan To Solar Company Connected To Nancy Pelosi's Brother In Law

More solar companies led by Democratic donors received federal loan guarantees

Obama administration approves 2 more solar energy loan guarantees worth total of $1B



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