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Freedom and innovation go hand and hand
[TheDC] James Poulos - The inequality myth

[WZ] Ron Paul Slams America: We’re “Building War Propaganda Again Iran,” They Are “Acting In A Rational Manner” When They Threaten To Nuke Us

[WZ] McCain Shreds Obama After He Takes Credit For Success of Iraq War: “History Will Judge His Leadership With The Scorn And Disdain It Deserves”

DOJ Memo: Solicitor General Kagan ‘Substantially Participated’ in Obamacare-Related Case

Watch you A-hole, A-hole
French ex-President Jacques Chirac guilty of corruption

[TRScoop] Uh oh. Fox News uses Obama photo for Romney

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: All that once was is lost...for none now live who remember it

[Jawa] Obama Campaign Schemes To Get Your Email

[Malkin] House Republicans Pass Payroll Tax Cut & Unemployment Extension President Obama Wanted

After Burner

[VS] Video: Chris Christie Turns “Mic Check” into Blistering Attack on Obama

[VS] Michelle Malkin: Ft. Hood was Radical Islam Not “Workplace Violence”

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: My bills are all due and the baby needs shoes and I'm busted

[Hot Air] Again: Firefighters let home burn to the ground because owners didn’t pay $75 fee

See comment from Allen West
[WZ] Unreal: White House Classifies Fort Hood Terror Attack As “Workplace Violence”

I like it!
[WZ] Orgasmic: Gingrich Says He Would Ask John Bolton To Be His Secretary of State

A day that will live in infamy
Dec 7, 1941: Remembering Pearl Harbor

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Sweeney guards the horned gate

The UN can suck it
[GWP] UN Urges Member States to Control Weather – Find Solutions or “Life as We Know It Will Come to an End”

[GWP] Black Activists Sue Democrat Party For History of Racism & Abuse

[GWP] China’s Hu Jintao Urges Navy to Prepare For Battle

Sure thing, pal
[WZ] Atheist Leader Complains About U.S. Troops Praying Together Before Combat Missions

Only half?
[WZ] EU: Half of Europeans Say Islam Is a Religion of Intolerance

Uh huh
[WZ] Obama: “This Isn’t About Class Warfare”

[Hot Air] Video: Energy independence could be as easy as 1-2-3

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Road to nowhere

Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive

[WZ] Hillary Clinton Rips Netanyahu For Not Apologizing To Turkey Over Flotilla Raid

[VS] Bono Calls Fight Against AIDS in Africa America’s “greatest act of heroism” Since WWII

[VS] Assasination Attempt Against Iraqi Prime Minister (Video)

More nonsense from our lowlife president
[GWP] It’s an Obama World… Walter Reed Hospital Bars Family Members From Bringing Bibles to Injured Soldiers

[Malkin] Pelosi: I’ve Got Dirt on Gingrich; Update: Gingrich: Bring it On!

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Cold cold heart

[Malkin] Video: California Democrat Tirelessly Serves Constituents

Dan Mitchell
[Big G] Will You Be Able to Protect Your Family if Politicians Destabilize Society?

[Big G] Senate Republicans to Force Approval of Keystone Pipeline

[WZ] Poll: Congress Now Less Popular Than Stepping In Dog Crap, Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low of 6%

US Taxpayer Hope
Conservatives craft bill to prevent IMF bailout of crumbling eurozone

But that's ACORN's job
[WZ] DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: Republicans Can’t Win So They Are Going To “Rig” The Elections

Buy USA! [Ammo]
[GWP] New Ammo Ad Compares Obama to Commie Dictators and Hitler

[GWP] Merry Christmas! Record Number of Americans Bought Guns on Black Friday

Dan Mitchell
[Big G] Our Double Taxation Stifles Economic Growth

[HTWW] 10 Months for 3 Escalators!?

[WZ] Amnesty International Calls For Bush’s Arrest During Trip To Africa For “Torturing” Al-Qaeda Suspects

These students all get an A+
Georgetown students shed light on China’s tunnel system for nuclear weapons

OT, but this video is hilarious

Get some food, ammo, and gold
[TheDC] So what would happen if Obama won?

[TheDC] Newt’s rallying cry: ‘Food stamps with Obama versus paychecks with Gingrich’

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Cry your blues away

[Big G] Buh-Bye-Barney: A Video Tribute to a Lying, Arrogant SOB

[WZ] Allen West: Illegal Immigration Could Be Considered An “Invasion”

[Big G] Rich #Occupy Leftists Drink Chardonnay in First Class While Toying With the Lives of Young “Revolutionaries”

That's probably true
[WZ] Poll: Gingrich Would Pick Up Bulk Of Cain Supporters If He Drops Out

Mysterious ;)
Image shows Iranian missile site was destroyed

OT but interesting
Engineered Avian Flu Could Kill Half the World’s Humans

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Tied to the whipping post

[Jawa] Basij Attack British Embassy in Tehran

A good watch
[PJTV/Trifecta] Are You Ready For the Longest, Most Bruising, and Expensive Primary in GOP History?

I'm sorry, but this is no way for a Republican leader to act. Suck it up, crybaby
[BBTV] Kansas High School Student Not Sorry About Governor Sam Brownback Tweet

[BBTV] Newt Mocks Obama: I’ll Let Him ‘Use A Teleprompter’ During Debates

I, for one, do not care
[JWF] Campaign 2012: Obama to Abandon “White Working Class”

Whatever, Lying A-holes
[GWP] Pakistani Prime Minister Warns US After Deadly NATO Attack & Raid on Bin Laden’s Compound (Video)

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] Non-DOOM: The Other Other White Meat

go go go!
[Ace] Major Explosion Rocks Iranian City Critical To Producing Enriched Uranium; Iranian State News First Reports Explosion, Then Deletes It From Its Website

mandered out
Rep. Frank won’t run for reelection

Dan Michell
[Big G] Supercommittee Fight May Reveal the GOP Is Beyond Saving

Fight On!
[Big G] Wisconsin’s Conservative Pushback Against Big Labor Continues

This is tragic
Exclusive: CIA Spies Caught, Fear Execution in Middle East

They Get It
[Weasel Zippers] Poland’s Lech Walesa Unveils Statue of Ronald Reagan on Elegant Warsaw Street

[Weasel Zippers] Mooch Slums It, Wears Shirt Costing Only $400 To Hang With Bitter Clingers At NASCAR Race

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Short and Sweet

[Ace] Pat F'n' Caddell To Obama: Get Your SCOAMF Ass Off The Ballot

Can't wait!
[PJTV/Zo] Repu-BLACK-in: Putting the Black Back In Republican

[NewsBusters] NewsBusted

Oil Tops $100 a Barrel on Seaway Pipeline Reversal

[PJTV/Hicks] Penn State, Sandusky & the Sorry State of the American Man

[HTWW] Occupy Wall Street Kicked Out of Zuccotti Park

Dan Michell
[Big G] Alan Blinder’s Accidental Case for the Flat Tax

[Gateway Pundit] NY Business Owners Protest #OWS Zuccotti Park Squatters (Video)

[Gateway Pundit] Democrats Plan Cemetery Petition Drive to Collect Names to Oust Scott Walker

[Jawa] DC #Occupyer Fired Shots at White House

Throw these career crimials out in 2012
The Real 1%

[TheDC] Krauthammer rips Obama’s ‘ill-concealed contempt’ for Americans: ‘It’s unseemly’

[TheDC] House to consider national concealed carry gun bill Tuesday

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: A series of unfortunate events

How to win
[PJTV/Whittle] The Bridge in Your Mind

Kinda funny
[PJTV/Vodkapundit] Our Love's In Jeopardy: Foursomes, Threesomes and Rubbers. Plus, Who Pooped on the Bank?

November 14, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: Trouble, I've had it all my days

I wouldn't trust Obama either
Israel refuses to tell US its Iran intentions
bullseye: [Ace]

Easy call
[Malkin] Obamacare Arrives at the Supreme Court; Update: Court Announces They’ll Hear Case This Term

[NewsBusters] Artist Frank Miller Shocks Left With Harsh Criticism of OWS Protests

Nice smirk, d-bag
[NewsBusters] Newt Gingrich Schools CBS's Pelley on Killing American Born Terrorists Overseas

A least it's a private school. She'll answer to the parents.
[Gateway Pundit] Denver HS Teacher Brings Students to Join #OWS Mob As They Storm Conservative Conference (Video)
update: [Gateway Pundit]

Mic check! Mic check! Lice check! Lice check!
[Sooper Mexican] Video: Occupy Denver crashes BlogCon11

Dan Mitchell
[Big G] Will the Stupid Party Agree to Higher Taxes and More Wasteful Spending?

Mic check!
[Gateway P] Bring It… #OccupyDenver Threatens to Crash BlogCon11 – We’re Ready, Hobos

Reach out to those whom deserve your support
Happy Veterans Day
Excellent analysis by Lee Doren
[HTWW] Story of Broke, The Critique

Good luck and godspeed
Israel may launch strike on Iran as soon as next month to prevent development of nuclear weapons

Rioting in favor of child rape??
[Verum Serum] Video: Penn State Riots

[via Ace] Omelas State University

This is interesting
Video: Lie Detecting Speech Software Shows Cain To Be “Totally Truthful” – His Accuser – Not So Much

November 10, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: Hard times ain't gonna rule my mind no more

Isn't this always the way it goes
[Jawa] OMG! You Mean They LIED?!!11!

More to come?
[Jawa] Victim of Firebombing Gives Radical Islamists Middle Finger

America is the 1%
[Ace] Occupier, Heal Thyself

November 09, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: Feel the burn!

This is really beyond tragic
Now they target wrongly convicted Agent's family

Trifecta: Sex, Lies and Primary Votes: New Herman Cain Accuser Emerges with Story of Sexual Harassment

[BBTV] Breitbart Discusses The Dark Side Of Political Left

[BBTV] Former Leftist Activist Brandon Darby On How The Left Breeds Hate

Clown car explodes
[BBTV] FULL VIDEO: Cain’s Latest Accuser Shows Face, Gives Details In Gloria Allred Presser

Dan Mitchell
[Big G] A Supercommittee Tax-Hike Surrender Means Republicans Would Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

November 07, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: Last fair deal gone down

Correcting the ‘fairy tale’: A SEAL’s account of how Osama bin Laden really died

Elites will be elites
[Weasel Zippers] Wall Street Made More Money In 2.5 Years of Obama Than 8 Years of Bush

SCOAMF indeed
[JammieWF] 4,000 Troops Soon To Be Homeless

The light! It burns!
[Hot Air] Justice drops proposed rule that would have allowed FOIA lies

That's a lot actually
[Weasel Zippers] Politico Publishes 90 Cain Stories Related To Harassment Claims In Only 5 Days

Reality is like violence to libs
[Ace] Charles Krauthammer: Why Did Obama Choose To Lose Iraq?

[PJTV] 'Atlas Shrugged': A How To Manual for the Obama Administration?

November 03, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: I fall to pieces

Is there anything more obviously racist than a lib?
Zo puts racist libs in their place

Condi weighs in
[BBTV] Rice On Cain: ‘Not Everyone Is A Foreign Policy Expert Going Into A Presidential Campaign’
more Condi: [BBTV]

[Gateway] South Park to Mock #Occupy Wall Street Movement on Thursday’s Show (Preview)

[Gateway] Obama: “We’re Better Off Today Than When I Took Over” (He Thinks We’re Idiots)

[Gateway] Obama: “We’re Better Off Today Than When I Took Over” (He Thinks We’re Idiots)

Dan Mitchell speaks. Trench Report listens.
[Big G] Germany’s Not a Good Role Model…Except When Compared to the Profligate U.S.

French satirical newspaper firebombed after prophet Mohammed announcement
coverage: [Ace] [Jawa]

November 02, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: My melancholy baby

Twinkles up IMHO
Israel Considers Pre-Emptive Attack On Iran

I'm pretty sure he was struck by lightning soon after
[Malkin] Latest Supporter of Passing the Jobs Bill: God

Well duh
[Hot Air] Sheriff tells citizens to “Get a firearm” to make community safer

November 01, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: I know an ending when it comes

Reap what you sow
[Jawa] The Zombie Hypocrisy

Cain defends
[GP] Herman Cain: “I Was Falsely Accused of Sexual Harassment” (Video)
vindication? [RCP]

More kick ass from Breitbart
[BBTV] Breitbart: The War For Truth

Do dems really think independents are that dumb?
[Malkin] Obama’s 2012 Opponent: The ‘Republican Congress’

[Jawa] Department of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Doesn't Know What Anti-Jihadist Bloggers Have Known For Years

Romney can suck it!
[Trifecta] Presidential Primaries & Caucuses: Unfair Beauty Pageants for the Media?

Last gasp
[BBTV] Michael Moore: Occupy Movement Obama’s Only Hope For Re-election

October 27, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: Lefty he can't sing the blues

New Lee Doren video
[HTWW] Herman Cain Smoking and Creepy Smile Ad

Thank goodness!
Obama: If We Lose in 2012, Government Will Tell People ‘You’re on Your Own’
coverage: [Malkin]

The good parts of Ron Paul
[Trifecta] Totally Nuts or Lots of Guts? Is Ron Paul's Plan to Cut Government Spending Nutty or Courageous?

October 26, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: When the feeling's gone and you can't go on

Word of the day: Phony
[WZ] Obama Jams Up L.A. Traffic So He Can Eat Chicken And Waffles

Dan Mitchell weighs in
[Big G] Grading Perry’s Flat Tax: Some Missing Homework, But a Solid B+

October 25, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: I'm tore down, I'm almost level with the ground

Orders from General Axelrod
[PJTV] Rep. Allen West Blasts President Obama's Iraq Troop Withdrawal and Reveals His 2012 Intentions

[HTWW] Lee Doren Talking to Small Business Owners

Limping to the election
U.S. rating likely to be downgraded again: Merrill

October 24, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: Doom schmoom! Gimme my money!

Was there any doubt
Oh, This Is Good

Whatever, Moron.
Obama: US out of Iraq by end of year

Pretty much dead on
[HTWW] This is How Bad Our Tax Code Is

Misunderstanding of how the Consitution works
[Hot Air] Cain: Gun control should be a “state’s decision”

October 20, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: Now in pine, teaberry, and sandalwood scents!

That's how it goes
[Jawa] Momar Gadhafi Killed

This is too funny
Obama REALLY Needs His Stolen Teleprompter

October 19, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: Now with electrolytes!

What a jackass
Obama: "All the choices we've made have been the right ones"

October 18, 2011
[Ace] DOOM: It stays crunchy in milk!

[Malkin] Grand Theft TOTUS: Obama’s Prompter, Presidential Seal and Podium Stolen

Roll out
[Jawa] America Staging Giant Can Of Whupass on Pakistani Border

Quick turnaround
Marines to allow KIA bracelets

keep on keepin' on
[Big J] Media Silent As Occupy Boston Ruins Food Bank Event; Conservatives Offset The Loss

115-year-old electric car gets same 40 miles to the charge as Chevy Volt
related: [via Ace]

[Trifecta] Citizen Obama Caught in Love Nest With "Solyndra" and "Fast & Furious" Scandals

[Ace] Doom (10/13/11)

Cain? Yes! - 9-9-9? Not so much
[Big G] Look Before You Leap on Cain's 9-9-9 Tax Plan

Blowout: It's gonna be Cain!
[Trifecta] Yes, We Cain? Liberal Media Beats Up and Race-Baits a Surging Herman Cain

The 99%
[HTWW] Are We All The Same?

Stossel FTW
[Reason] Government Makes Us Poor

Ding! Fries are done!
[PJTV] Trifecta: Hello American Renaissance, Goodbye Obama Goat Rodeo

Ron Paul for cabinet position 2012
[Infowars] Ron Paul Leads Hearing On First Ever Audit Of Fed

not d.e.d??
Top Al Qaeda bomb maker did NOT die in drone strike, claim Yemenis after body search
yes, dead: [Jawa]

"The constitution is not a death pact"
Ron Paul Doesn't Think The U.S. Should Have Killed Al Qaeda's Anwar Al-Awlaki

Anwar al-Aulaqi, U.S.-born cleric linked to al-Qaeda, killed in Yemen
coverage: [Ace] [Jawa] [Malkin]

One of the worst liberal lies debunked
The Truth About Who Fights for Us



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