Dug in for Liberty!


Anyone for separation of school and state?

[WZ] Portland: Sixth-Grade Teacher Invites Occupiers Into Classroom To Educate Students On Group’s Radical Leftist Goals

[WZ] Union Boss Invokes Occupy Wall Street In Obama Endorsement: “The Only Choice For The 99 Percent”

[Big G] Indoctrination Outrage: California Teacher Uses Media Matters’ Anti-Fox News Article in ‘World History’ Class

[BBTV] Teacher Makes 3rd Graders Write School Board To Protest Budget Cuts

Boston or Saudi Arabia? You Decide.
7-Year-Old Accused Of Possible Sexual Harassment For Kicking Boy In Groin

School Choice Anyone?
[Ace] Merry Christmas: Kentucky Teacher Makes Claim To Second-Graders That Santa Doesn't Exist

[Big G] New Book Exposes the Effort to Introduce Radical Political Philosophy into K-12 Classrooms

50 years of public schools have destroyed this country
[Ace] One of Sandusky's Rape Victims... Bullied Out of School For Being a Snitch

Hate America Much?
[Weasel Zippers] Boston: Professor Calls Care Packages For U.S. Troops “Shameful” Because “They’re Killing Human Beings,” Demands School Take Down American Flag

[Big G] Do Teachers Really Believe They’re Paid to Preach Political Views to Kids?

One of those "Tear it down, so it can be remade as a utopia" Judges
[TheDC] Federal Judge: School can censor student display of American flag

Remeber when schools stopped teaching competition? Related?
[Ace] Shock Study: The Average Teacher Is Not Being Underpaid, and Is Being Paid More By Government Than They Would Be Paid In the Private Sector If They Took Their Skills To That Market

Sanity prevails
[Malkin] Colorado bellwether: Voters reject statewide tax increases

Government bubble maker strikes again
[Big G] The Government-Inflated College Loan Bubble

Doomed to repeat
[Big G] Today’s Students ‘Don’t Know Much About History’

Guess we'll have another lost generation on our hands
[BBTV] No Teacher Left Behind: Congress Removes Teacher Evaluations From Education Bill

What could go wrong?
[Big G] Radicals Rule #OccupyLA

[InstaVision] Harvard Envy: How the Quest for University Prestige Is Feeding the Education Bubble

[Ace] Massachusetts: Always Good For a Facepalm

Education industrial complex
[Reynolds] Censorship in the Ivory Tower: Colleges and Universities are Killing Free Speech

$tatus quo
[Big G] NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton Talks School Reform

Cookie cutter
The Latest Crime Wave: Sending Your Child to a Better School

Trifecta: 'Firefly' and Common Sense Under Fire: Wisconsin Criminalizes Free Speech



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