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"All the thuggery and twice the cronies"

[JWF] MF Global Workers Sue Obama Economic Adviser Corzine

How kind of them :/
[WZ] AFSCME Public Employees Union Votes To Endorse Obama, Will Spend $100 Million To Help Reelect Him

Thankfully they only sold a few hundred :/
Chevrolet Volt Battery Issues Growing, Safety Findings May Have Been Suppressed

[Big G] RockPort Capital: Crony Capitalism Goes Green

[Big G] Problems Surrounding Duplicate Signatures Loom Over Big Labor’s Attempted Recall of Wisc. Gov. Walker

[WZ] Democrats Pledge To Defend Pro-Union NLRB, Say Attacks Are Coming From “A Right Wing On Steroids”

[Big G] Action Alert: Rein In The Rogue NLRB

[Big G] Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13 Billion Windfall

And then comes jail time!
[Big G] SHOCK CLAIM: Energy Dept. Kickbacks Make Obama America’s Biggest Crony Capitalist… Ever

Chu, Solyndra
[Malkin] The Accountability Charade

[Weasel Zippers] SEIU Busted Stealing Money From Home Health Care Workers, At Least $6 Million a Year

[Gateway Pundit] Energy Secretary Chu Defends How Administration Handled Solyndra

[NewsBusters] 'Scandal-Free' Admin Update: 80% of DOE 'Green' Loan $ Went to Obama Backers

Good plan a-hole
[Weasel Zippers] Unreal: Obama Admin’s New Program Gives GE a 90% Taxpayer-Funded Guarantee On Their Accounts Payable For Foreign Exports

The crony train is still speed ahead
[Malkin] Obama Supporter’s Company Wins $433 Million No-Bid Contract for Experimental Smallpox Drug

[BBTV] Issa Calls For Probe Of New York’s Reconstituted ACORN Group

Freedom is not union approved
Conservative group staffers, event attendees: 911 hung up on us four times during Occupy DC mob

Cron-ic failures
[Ace] Thick As Thieves: Corzine Crony Relented on Rule-Change That Might Have Saved Loss of $630 Million of Customers' Money
flashback: [Ace]

Dem crime family
Video: 60 Minutes About To Blow The Lid Off Pelosi’s Shady Investments?

Obama's crime saga continues
[Ace] FBI: You Know, Maybe We Should Investigate Jon Corzine Obama: You Know, I Think Maybe I'll Return One Of My Top Bundler's Donations

Who falls first: Obama or Holder?
House subpoenas White House for Solyndra documents

Ixnay on the organized violence
[NB] Union Chief Leo Gerard: 'Resistance Movement' Needed to Seize Bridges, Banks in Case OWS Fails

Blatant as they get
Pelosi: South Carolina Boeing Plant Should Unionize or Shut Down

[JWF] Famed Member of the 1% and Obama Bundler Runs Brokerage Firm Into Bankruptcy
update: [JWF] [Malkin]

Corrupt to the core
Another Obama fundraiser is investor in car company that won federal loan

[Big G] Unbelievable: Ohio Democrat Party Listed Ohio Companies as Targets for Union Retribution

Shady senate is shady
[Malkin] While you were sleeping: Sneaky midnight-hour Senate moves; EduJobs rejected, Commerce nominee/solar subsidy mogul approved, Fannie/Freddie loan limits increased

Crony concealment
Obama administration appeals ruling on White House visitor logs

Hey New York Times, How About Before Government Motors ‘Pays Back’ Obama, They Pay Back the Taxpayers?

Yes, I suppose freedom is a conspiracy
[Big G] Union Boss Hoffa: Right to Work Freedom ‘Is a Conspiracy’

Eliminate the competition
Gibson Guitar CEO slams U.S. raids as "overreach"

State controlled "Freeness™"
[PJ Tatler] To Prove They 'Look Forward' to 'Defending (Net Neutrality) Court,' the FCC Files to Dismiss Lawsuit

"You used to ride with that guy?"
[BBTV] DOJ Whistle Blower Exposes Holder's 'Serious Disconnect From The Truth'

[Big G] Obama's NLRB Shredding of Democracy Exposed in Congressional Hearing

[Malkin] Big Labor thug watch: Judge fines longshore union $250,000 for sabotage; thugs threaten to "do what we have to do"

Feds to Gibson: Hand over more wood

Ford pulls its ad on bailouts
related: [Malkin]



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