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[WZ] Here We Go Again: Steny Hoyer Blames The Tea Party For Partisan Gridlock

[VS] Video: The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

[Big G] Colin Powell Is Not Smarter Than a Fifth Grade History Student

Uh huh
[NB] Classy: Frequent NYT Book Reviewer Compares Tea Party to KKK

This happens more often than you think in 'progressive' America
Government Thuggery: City audits Tea Party as "payback"

2012 is still coming
Tea Party Debt Commission Foiled By Scared Jerk

"Who pooped on the bank?"
[Big G] Questions You Donít Have to Ask Tea Partiers

Keep the pressure on
[Malkin] Whoís afraid of a Tea Party panel?, Part II: What the Fishwrap of Record didnít tell you

She's a classy lady
Carrying Water for Obama, Hilda Solis Picks a Fight with the Tea Party

Nice try lowlifes
[Town Hall] Of Course: "When Should You Shoot a Cop Flyers" Blamed on Tea Party

At this rate...
Interesting Stat

[GP] Richmond Tea Party Sues City: Charge #Occupy Protesters Or Refund $10,000 For Rallies at Plaza
more: [PJ Tatler]

Cops scared to uphold the law uniformly
[BBTV] Tea Partier Forced to Break Down Flag Pole, Occupy Protesters Left Alone

[BBTV] Tea Party Activist Speaks At #OccupySanDiego

Loser violence
[Big G] Union Member Attacks, Injures Tea Party Activist at Rally

what goes around...
[BBTV] OíReilly Hoists Liberals On Their Racial Petard; Is #OccupyWallStreet Racist?

Super cereal
[BBTV] Tea Partiers Invade Occupy DC, Mock Protesters

Unhealthy voting culture
[PJTV] Brainwashed into Voting Dem? Herman Cain's Charges of Brainwashing Did Black Voters a Favor

Kick ass
West Open To Veep Job

Occupy... the FED!
Thank you. Drive thru.

Bad mofo
Col. Allen West Smacks Down Samuel L. Jackson's Tea Party Smear

[Big G] New Video Shows the War on Poverty Is a Failure

If the diaper fits...
Anti-Obama sign in Uptown neighborhood draws controversy
coverage: [Ace] [Malkin]
Allen West: 'Marxist' Obama Intentionally Destroying Economy



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