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Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: All that once was is lost...for none now live who remember it

[TRScoop] Uh oh. Fox News uses Obama photo for Romney

Freedom and innovation go hand and hand
[TheDC] James Poulos - The inequality myth

[WZ] McCain Shreds Obama After He Takes Credit For Success of Iraq War: “History Will Judge His Leadership With The Scorn And Disdain It Deserves”

Watch you A-hole, A-hole
French ex-President Jacques Chirac guilty of corruption

[Malkin] House Republicans Pass Payroll Tax Cut & Unemployment Extension President Obama Wanted

[WZ] Ron Paul Slams America: We’re “Building War Propaganda Again Iran,” They Are “Acting In A Rational Manner” When They Threaten To Nuke Us

DOJ Memo: Solicitor General Kagan ‘Substantially Participated’ in Obamacare-Related Case

[Jawa] Obama Campaign Schemes To Get Your Email

Failures of Collectivism

[Ace] Shock: Study of 108 Countries' Economies Find That As Government Grows, The Private Sector, And Genuine Wealth Creation, Shrinks

Fast & Furious

[TheDC] 73 cosponsors sign House resolution of ‘no confidence’ in AG Eric Holder

Lowlife libs will be lowlifes
Obama's ATF Wants More Gun Control Because of Fast & Furious ???

Global Warming Nonsense

[WZ] Report: Obama Regime Helping UK Prosecute Leaker of Climategate Emails

Government Overreach

Obamacare costs 100,000 jobs in January

Imperial Media

[Ace] Time's Newest Ridiculous Person of the Year: Occupy

Live Free or Die...unless it's...

What could go wrong?
Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial

Obama Is A Total Failure

[WZ] Obama Stands Up For Iran’s Green Revolution . . . 894 Days Later

[GWP] More Drone Drama…Afghanistan’s Complicity

[WZ] Footage Shows WMD Stockpiles Uncovered In Libya, Defense Minister Assures Us They Are In The “Safe Hands” of Islamist Rebels

Zombie Apocalypse

[WZ] Portland Occupiers Block Trucks Bringing Holiday Food To Needy Families



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