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[Hot Air] Video: Energy independence could be as easy as 1-2-3

Sure thing, pal
[WZ] Atheist Leader Complains About U.S. Troops Praying Together Before Combat Missions

The UN can suck it
[GWP] UN Urges Member States to Control Weather – Find Solutions or “Life as We Know It Will Come to an End”

Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive

[GWP] China’s Hu Jintao Urges Navy to Prepare For Battle

Uh huh
[WZ] Obama: “This Isn’t About Class Warfare”

Only half?
[WZ] EU: Half of Europeans Say Islam Is a Religion of Intolerance

[GWP] Black Activists Sue Democrat Party For History of Racism & Abuse

Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Road to nowhere

"All the thuggery and twice the cronies"

[JWF] MF Global Workers Sue Obama Economic Adviser Corzine

Thankfully they only sold a few hundred :/
Chevrolet Volt Battery Issues Growing, Safety Findings May Have Been Suppressed

How kind of them :/
[WZ] AFSCME Public Employees Union Votes To Endorse Obama, Will Spend $100 Million To Help Reelect Him

Anyone for separation of school and state?

[WZ] Union Boss Invokes Occupy Wall Street In Obama Endorsement: “The Only Choice For The 99 Percent”

Congess Insider Trading

[BBTV] Schweizer: Key Steps To Ending Congressional Insider Trading

Failures of Collectivism

Fat chance, scumbag
Gov. Jerry Brown implores California voters: Please raise taxes on yourself

[Big G] Medicare Has Spent a Quarter-Billion Taxpayer Dollars on Penis Pumps

Fast & Furious

[Hot Air] Video: US approved large escalation of legal gun sales to Mexico

I'm gonna go with lying
[BBTV] Congressman: Holder’s Handling Of Fast And Furious ‘Somewhere Between Deception And Flat-Out Lying’

Global Warming Nonsense

Dangerous Levels Of Absurdity
Navy’s Big Biofuel Bet: 450,000 Gallons at 4 Times the Price of Oil

Imperial Media

[GWP] Leftists Freak Out After FOX Exposes Lib Bias in New Muppet Movie (Video)


[WZ] Here We Go Again: Steny Hoyer Blames The Tea Party For Partisan Gridlock

Obama Is A Total Failure

[GWP] Horrible!… Obama Flat Out Lies About GOP Vote Last Week (Video)

Not Shocked
Socialist: Obama comes out of the closet once and for all

[GWP] Obama Pushed Early Elections In Egypt Knowing That It Would Likely Lead to Islamist Victory

Wow. Idiot.
[Ace] Obama's New Villain on Job Losses: The Internet

Zombie Apocalypse

[Big G] OccupyAustin Expected to Cost Taxpayers Over $1,000,000

[Big G] Communists Work on a New Improved, Pro-Obama ‘Occupy’ Movement



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