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Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Cold cold heart

[WZ] Hillary Clinton Rips Netanyahu For Not Apologizing To Turkey Over Flotilla Raid

Dan Mitchell
[Big G] Will You Be Able to Protect Your Family if Politicians Destabilize Society?

[Malkin] Pelosi: I’ve Got Dirt on Gingrich; Update: Gingrich: Bring it On!

[VS] Assasination Attempt Against Iraqi Prime Minister (Video)

[VS] Bono Calls Fight Against AIDS in Africa America’s “greatest act of heroism” Since WWII

More nonsense from our lowlife president
[GWP] It’s an Obama World… Walter Reed Hospital Bars Family Members From Bringing Bibles to Injured Soldiers

[Malkin] Video: California Democrat Tirelessly Serves Constituents

"All the thuggery and twice the cronies"

[Big G] RockPort Capital: Crony Capitalism Goes Green

Anyone for separation of school and state?

[Big G] Indoctrination Outrage: California Teacher Uses Media Matters’ Anti-Fox News Article in ‘World History’ Class

[BBTV] Teacher Makes 3rd Graders Write School Board To Protest Budget Cuts

Article VIII: The nanny clause

[Hot Air] Video: Reason’s Nanny of the Month

Congess Insider Trading

[Big G] New York Times: Time to Ban Profit-taking Inside Congress

Failures of Collectivism

[WZ] Report: Obama Admin May Help Fund IMF Bailout of Doomed Eurozone

Fast & Furious

[TheDC] Ariz. congressman: Pressure to resign is getting to Eric Holder

[GWP] Issa: Holder Justice Department Is Laundering Drug Cartel Cash

Global Warming Nonsense

The contextual collection of ClimateGate 2.0 quotes

Report: Obama, UN to tax US for Green Climate Fund

Imperial Media

[Big J] Editorial Cartoonist Depicts Republicans As Child Rapists

[Big J] New York Times Spins Fast And Furious Document Dump In Favor Of DOJ

[Big J] MSM Ignores Obama Admin’s Fast And Furious Friday Afternoon Docu-Dump

[Hot Air] NYT: Wanting smaller government is kinda racist, or something

Lawless & Arbitrary

[Big G] Obama Administration Violating ACORN Funding Ban According to New Audit

Obama Is A Total Failure

[WZ] Obama Backs Ambassador After Comments Blaming Muslim Anti-Semitism on Israel

2012 baby!
[JWF] Exhausted From Grueling Fundraising Trips, POTUS to Vacation for 17 Days

Zombie Apocalypse

[WZ] Video: Occupiers Plan To Disrupt Iowa Caucuses, “We Will Flood Republican Candidates Events And Heckle Them”

Will we be bailing them out someday?
[JWF] Occupy SF to Open Their Own Credit Union

[Big J] Dead Movement Walking: Top Ten New Media Moments That Brought Down #OccupyWallStreet



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