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Ace's DOOM Series
[Ace] DOOM: Tied to the whipping post

[WZ] Allen West: Illegal Immigration Could Be Considered An “Invasion”

That's probably true
[WZ] Poll: Gingrich Would Pick Up Bulk Of Cain Supporters If He Drops Out

OT but interesting
Engineered Avian Flu Could Kill Half the World’s Humans

Mysterious ;)
Image shows Iranian missile site was destroyed

[Big G] Buh-Bye-Barney: A Video Tribute to a Lying, Arrogant SOB

[Jawa] Basij Attack British Embassy in Tehran

[Big G] Rich #Occupy Leftists Drink Chardonnay in First Class While Toying With the Lives of Young “Revolutionaries”

"All the thuggery and twice the cronies"

[Big G] Action Alert: Rein In The Rogue NLRB

Failures of Collectivism

[Blaze] Cramer: We‘re ’Two Stages From a Financial Collapse So Huge It‘s Hard to Get Your Mind Around’

[Jawa] Pat Condell on Democracy, and a Tapdance on the Carcass of the EU

Government Overreach

[HA] To Surtax With Love

Kagan should recuse herself from Obamacare deliberations

Imperial Media

[GWP] Liberal Media Springs Into Action… WaPo Seeks Dirt on Newt

Lawless & Arbitrary

[Big G] Treasury Secretary Paulson Tipped Off Hedge Fund Manages About Looming Collapse of Fannie, Freddie

[WZ] Michigan-Based Company Announces Plans To Layoff 5% of Its Workforce To Offset Cost of Obamacare

[GWP] Must See Video— Terrorist Bill Ayers Brags About Hosting Obama Fundraiser

[Ace] Billy Tauzin, Pharma's $11.6 Million Dollar Man

What an A$$
Having Solved America’s Deficit Nightmare, Obama Says U.S. “Stands Ready To Do Our Part” For Eurozone Debt Crisis


Uh huh
[NB] Classy: Frequent NYT Book Reviewer Compares Tea Party to KKK

PC Insanity

[WZ] Poll: 70% Prefer “Merry Christmas” Over ‘Happy Holidays” on Store Signs

Zombie Apocalypse

[GWP] Your ‘Feel Good’ Video of the Day: #Occupy Goons Tased & Dragged From WA Capitol Building

It's cuz they love us
[MM] Video: Occupy Dayton rages at Wal-Mart and Target customers



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